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Welcome to Mr. Paranjape’s blog for Canter Middle School 8th grade.

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To get into a discussion click on the link in the Recent Posts list at the right.  If you are looking for older discussions, go to the “All Posts” page on the top banner to find the post.   Once you find the discussion that you want, click on the title of the post in order to see the full post and to post a reply.

You may also find what you are looking in the links on the banner at the top of this page.

Since most of these posts are designed so that you have an opportunity to express yourself, replies which have grammatical errors will be posted.  Errors will not be corrected, so it is your responsibility to use correct punctuation and spelling.

Some rules for making comments on the blog:

1.  Use your first name only

2.  Do not use your real email.  If you are a Canter student, I will tell you the correct email to use.    As long as you use the same email each time, the same image will appear next to your name.

3.  Do NOT fill in the website box when making comments.

4.  Do not add your own pictures or avatars

5.  Use proper English in your replies.  Yes, pay attention to punctuation and spelling please.  No slang please, and no smiley faces or anything…those things make me uncomfortable.

6.  Reply for yourself only.

Other than that, take it seriously and have fun.  And please don’t try to use it as a place to create mischief, that’s a waste of my time, and so 7th Grade!  Enjoy.

Mr. Paranjape

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